The more I know, the more I realize, the less I know. ~Socrates

I like quotes of humility; they speak of strong hidden potential.

My name is Evans and I am a metaphysics researcher by choice. I don’t have any degrees or accolades in these areas  but all I have is my personal experience. I understand that its purely subjective.

On an informal note, I love dance, remixing music, cooking, reading  & enjoying personal time. My music choices usually include Soul, R&B, Jazz, World Music, Reggae, Instrumentals, Slow Rock, House and Celtic. I have a huge list of favorite music artists from my teen years ( Jodeci, R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, Levert, Orla Farlon, Enya, Blackstreet, Shai, Boyz II Men, Chaka Demus, Brian McKnight, Big Mountain, UB 40 and… )

In terms of physical activity, I de-stress during workouts but I do enjoy playing any game I get a chance to. I usually take easy to basket ball, volley ball, yoga and on the few occasions soccer, tennis, racket ball, pool, ping-pong, hiking & biking.

By profession I am based in the Silicon Valley, California. I’m inherently a a geek. I hack code for a living.

As of date, I live a very spiritual life, look for signs and am on path with my destiny. I love to work towards understanding how the consciousness is structured and how life comes together in the biggest scheme of things.

I prefer simplicity of the 5 physical senses for the most part and occasionally use my sense of Clair-tangency for healing through touch therapy. I feel privileged to be aware of my past 5 lifetimes thanks to  the x. Her abilities had helped me understand my past, my evolutionary path and my purpose here. I strive to bring a peaceful balance to my life

In the areas of divination, I perform I-Ching readings and Numerology to help with evolving from emotional trouble spots. Dream analysis is an area I am still working on.

My blog work represents summarized concepts within the spiritual framework to accelerate personal success through self evolution, astral theories within the current life, those of the afterlife or past life. Overall, I can’t seem to emphasize enough on the huge amounts of information within eastern philosophy & spirituality being overlapped and misunderstood. I’m absolutely excited about funneling this down to a logical science through future work. For many these contradict known sciences, but I know that science only answers ‘how’ within the boundaries of the physical realm. There remains unexplained concepts and not all can be explained using physics alone. The mental realm is a different game court and I am a huge player here.

Here’s a list of subjects I touch during my research (some subjects are explicitly elucidated for newbie readers)
Quantum physics, Theosophy, Ontology, Philosophy, Epistemology, Etymology, Conscientiology, Psychology, Projectiology, Tautology, Holistic healing (alternative therapies: chakra therapy, aura analysis etc..), Sciences of divinations (I-Ching, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot), Karmic Retributions, Astral Projection using Vipassana or other OBE techniques, Past life regressions, Reincarnation, Spirit mediumism, Self Hypnosis, Free Will, Destiny, NDE (near death experiences), Clairvoyancy, Telepathy,……

I hope you find what you read here informative, helpful and most importantly emotionally healing. If not, I hope you find your truth somewhere else and sooner than never. Good Luck!

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