Prakash goes to school!

October 14, 2007

No achievement is as rewarding as that of helping those in need.

One of our biggest achievements on this trip to India was getting this child on his way to a bright education. This little 7 year old is our cook’s son and hails all the way from Nepal. He just joined Natasha’s parents in Gujarat about 3 months ago.

img_2480.JPG Meet Prakash : ).
One of the first things you will notice about this little aged wonder is his mannerisms. “Thank you Jijaji” or “Your Welcome” are his favorite lines in conversation. He barely speaks much Hindi and mostly talks in his local lingo. His dad who is just 26 years old goes by the name of Karan has his wife and daughter back in Nepal with his uncle. They did visit, but not for too long. When we got there, one of the first things we bought Prakash was a set of crayons and an art book. This little genius finished it in a day : ).

img_2533.JPG I guess all the while he was eyeing my laptop and hopped straight for it. You will be surprised on how smart this little mountain boy is.
Kids these days!!! : )

Anyways, I got him started on it and in no time he learned how to use the mouse, click on internet links and navigate across various sites. In the pic above, he’s hip-hopping to some of our remixes Nepali style! ; ). One of his favorite internet pass time is Yes, the games! He managed to keep himself busy for about 3-4 hours a day just playing. Reminded me of me when I was little. Though he doesn’t know how to read or write beyond the simple alphabets, one of his strongest traits is his keen observation.

img_3383.JPG We eventually had him visit us in Bombay as well. This little trekker has never seen the sea. Here he is having roasted corn on the cob at Juhu beach in Bombay.

Anyways, thanks for reading this! This is the cute Prakash who for his age is the kindest loving child I have known. We’ve sponsored his education for the next 14 years and hopefully that should do him well in his future to come.
Wish him luck!

We have some wonderful pictures of him right here.
– Evans & Natasha


Prakash @ Juhu Beach staring at a Coast Guard Chopper.


@ Juhu Beach feasting away on the rocks!


We told him not to get wet… He actually listened! 😛

img_3410.JPG meet Prakash! Prakash meet!


We hired a temporary 7 day touring service while in Gujarat ;). Natasha is in the back seat!