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Can positive thinking change your karma?
Short Answer: Yes, but it doesn’t mean that your past karma goes unaccounted for.

Long Answer…
Karma means action.  And by positive thinking you have already acted in a way that will help you.
But I’m going to assume that you meant “Can it change my past karma ( either past life or current)?” The answer is: Yes only after you have completely paid back your previous karmic debts.
Karmic debts are usually no different from the financial debts in our little Wall street world. There is one exception; there is no bankruptcy law here. You cannot bail out without payback. The only good news is that your payback can be negotiated in any form acceptable to the other person and yourself. If you are reading this, the negotiation you are thinking about has already happened in the astral before birth (if you consider time as a linear). It will most probably not happen in the way you might think right now but the opportunity will show itself when its time. Act then. Act wise, rationalize and see compassionately. This is the crux and core of positive thinking.

How do I know this?
I can only speak from personal experience. My current life karma becomes obvious over time. One instance I remember clearly was a scene on the Basketball Court. I remember falling and tumbling on the court after being tripped by a newbie during a layup. This immediately took me to the time I was a newbie and I did the same thing unintentionally to someone else. I remember him tumbling and falling the same way.  For my past life karma, I cross check with my wife’s help. She astral projects into our past lives to verify the payback. Since not everyone has this privilege, the only way is to go with the flow and act wisely and rationally (and this is obviously universal advice.)


Robert Alter’s Hurricane

November 30, 2008

Robert Alter wrote a chapter that I quote from his book “The Transformative Power of Crisis”. Here it goes.
Imagine a hurricane on a weather map. Let’s call that ‘Hurricane You’. Hurricane You has 3 parts. The outermost part is a ring of moving energy in the form of circling wind and rain. The middle part is another ring of circling wind and rain. the innermost part is the eye where all is calm and still.
This your very own hurricane. Your outermost ring is your life: the ever-moving, ever-changing, often unpredictable and seemingly random series of events and experiences that happen to you in your life. Some are big, some are small; some are pleasant and some are unpleasant. These events and experiences started happening to you at birth, are happening to you right this moment and will continue to happen to you until you die.
The middle ring of Hurricane You is the ring of your thoughts and feeling and moods and inner states. From the moment you wake upto the moment you fall asleep, these circle around and succeed each other, morning to night, cradle to grave.
Sometimes the inner ring of our thoughts and feelings is connected to the outer ring of events and experiences, and the 2 rings circle together for a while. For example, when we get a raise of a hug or a new car or a new friend on the outer ring, on the inner ring we feel happy, we like life, we have pleasant thoughts and a pleasant inner state. Then we get fired of we get snubbed or we get sick or get a scratch on the new car and we feel sad, upset angry at life and have unpleasant thoughts and an unpleasant inner state. Our thoughts and feelings are in sync with external events.
And sometimes we have thoughts and feelings and moods and inner states that are totally independent of the events and experiences circling around sus at the time. For example, we might be sitting with out beloved on a beach on Aruba and still be in the darkest and foulest of moods ever seen in the Caribbean. The two rings may circle at different speeds, even on different axes.
For most people, the two circling rings are all there is, and they live their lives spinning along with them, and they die. Some people however hear about the immermost part of the hurricane, the eye and they start doing things in their lives in order to get to the eye. They learn how to go to a part of the storm that is not stormy, where they can just watch the storm, totally undisturbed by it, in a state of perfect peace and unmodified awareness. This is where the consciousness, awareness, the knower, the innter witness resides.

the end.

After reaching this inner state of just observing, there do come questions…
questions like why…??

Nature balances itself out through karmic processes as the ones we’ve just witnessed. You are just the observer until it is your turn to live out a traumatic experience yourself. Someday Shakespeare’s line will make sense, ‘All the world’s at stage’, but till then play your part with gumption. I will play my part of the insensitive asshole.


~love just is~

Unless you are a therapist, a spiritualist or someone who has completely understood the way this world revolves, there is a good chance you believe that you have understood ‘love’ but lack ways to easily articulate it. I don’t mean to down play you in any way but I wrote this especially to empower you with thoughts that have been around for generations and ways to explain what love truly is.

Many of us have associated ourselves with love but ever since our teen years we have misunderstood being ‘in love’ with the actual ‘true love’. We can recognize this when we tell our boy-friends or girl-friends that we’re ‘in love’ with them and when they are not around, we get upset; on occasions when they are with others, we compete for attention; and when they do something different from what we like, it troubles us. We even quantify love by saying ‘I love you more than you love me’. While this seems very cute in its own way, there is a big difference between what we express in the relationship and what love really is.

~the real difference~

We have not understood ‘love’ the way it really is but have experienced something called ‘in love’. ‘In Love’ is to receive love from the other person and is a dependence based relationship. In this relationship, we are attached to our own happiness but this happy feeling comes from another person’s presence. This is more obvious when they are not around us. We miss them and feel low. In truth we only miss them for the love that they give to us. By being dependent or attached in a relationship this way, we are setting ourselves up for pain. We resist any attempt to remove this dependence or attachment and we know how hurtful it is when we don’t get what we want from them (its an addiction). We innocently forget about what makes them happy and sometimes we act possessive taking away the space they need. Barely do we realize that these problems are within ourselves first; that we are deficit in some way and that their presence seems to complete us. These people that we depend on for happiness could be anyone, a boy or girlfriend, a best friend or even a role model. But while this may sound wrong or terrible, it really is not. In the real sense of the word, this is a stepping stone to understand how to be emotionally independent and how to truly love. Everyone walks this path.

~true love~

When we truly love someone, we only give love, not expect to receive any. We accept the person for who he or she is. This is the same as the unconditional love we talk about between a mother and her child. There is never a reason; we just love. When the time and person is right, we feel it deep within ourselves and nothing known physically to us can ever explain it. True love or unconditional love is unconditional acceptance of a person no matter what their actions dictate; but it does not mean unconditional acceptance of their actions; just the person. Please don’t read only into that line, there is more. We know that people change and their actions evolve over time. We have faith in them because we see in them a ‘them’ that they themselves cannot see. It’s just a matter of time before they figure themselves out through the many good and bad things they do; and trust me, they will consciously do almost every thing that today’s society or you considers bad. However, Love, in a relationship, is accepting them for who they are while expecting them to be the best they can be for themselves; not for you. Loving them is never about you; its about them. When they want you to let go, let them go, let them grow; your part is done. If you are looking for someone to love you, just remember the quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” & like will attract like. When you learn to love unconditionally, only then you will easily attract another who will love you unconditionally.

~what love isn’t!~

Love isn’t detachment or attachment but a fine balance between the two and knowing when to do either. Love never has reasons; but reasons have love. Love isn’t dependence but freedom to grow. Love isn’t denial but acceptance of self and self emotions. Even hate is love; its someone who’s upset because they didn’t get the love they needed; they are just asking to be loved. Even Jealousy is love, someone wanting the source of love and happiness that you have.
However, due to haste, desperation or just bad sources of information, we remain confused and continue creating reasons for why we should love. Magazines, surveys or compatibility ads are main sources of our wealth of toxic information. Loving someone for a reason is not true love for the other person. Reasons are conditions which when satisfied makes us happy. It just shows that we are in love with that reason and not the person. When we love the reason or that condition, we indicate that we are loving ourselves instead and are trying to make ‘ourselves’ happy; not them. This is the same as making use of them to make us happy; but the reality is that we need to fill our own voids first before we can truly love someone else for who they are. It’s even more scary when we choose to love for a reason and then over time those reasons vanish; and we’d find ourselves hating that same very person. We know this when we use words like, ‘I loved the old you better’. But this is not the end of it all; it’s just one of those jump starts we need.

~how do I learn to truly love someone?~

It’s easier said than done. Learn to love yourself first without going outside for love. When you truly love yourself will you be able to truly love others. There are so many articles on-line that teach us to truly love ourselves. Here are two articles worth reading and two tracks worth listening to.

and finally India Arie with her track “Video” (You Tube)
and Whitney Houston with “The Greatest Love of All
They all say one thing. We need to first accept ourselves for the way we are with all the flaws we have. No one is perfect, no one will ever be. Everyone starts from the bottom of the ladder to get to the top with respect to accepting themselves the way they are. Financially rich people face the same problems we do. Underneath all that perfection is always imperfection; behind all the glitz is misery that even money won’t solve. We all walk the same path and help is always there. The best part is that you don’t have to make any sacrifices in loving your self.

~on unconditional love and divorce in non violent relationships~

When we finally learn to love unconditionally, we are much more comfortable in our relationships and we easily accept our other halves as people who are struggling to understand themselves. When a need for a divorce occurs, it would be from their side as they battle to search for their source of true love. True love starts within ourselves and at home; but if a divorce helps, do what it takes to help yourself.

~What is sacrifice? Is it associated with giving up?~

Sacrifice truly means ‘to make sacred’. By giving up something you really want, you are instead only hurting yourself; you are not making any relationship sacred! Even though you may give something up for someone, it is not sacrifice unless you are truly happy inside and without resentment. Anything short of this is truly superficial. Its only after you learn how to truly love yourself, making sacrifices becomes so much easier and accurate to its definition. Let me explain.
Sacrifice is never about giving up happiness but gaining even more happiness for yourself by making others happy. When you unconditionally love others, seeing them happy is what truly makes you happy. If they find happiness in what you have and you truly love them, giving it to them is really easy when you know that your happiness comes from within you and no where else. Sacrifices becomes very simple and no different than a side effect of true love. Sacrifice always originates from self when self is ready and should never be imposed or expected of you.

~when should I not sacrifice?~

When you don’t want to!
The act of sacrifice has been glorified but it has lost its meaning over time and lately associated with giving up for a long term benefit. But there is never any long term benefit gained from performing it in guilt, greed or force. In most cases, follow your instinct; in some where it is confusing, its best to wait and let the passage of time convince you. Do whatever it takes to balance between keeping yourself happy and doing things to keep others happy. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come from the elders; but in some cases guilt surely does; don’t let them ever guilt you or force you. Draw your boundaries and follow your heart. And for those who prefer to be associated with ‘logic’; follow your mind!


~define love!~

Love is to accept unconditionally!
I love you = I accept you unconditionally! It is a choice.
I am in love with you = Will you accept me unconditionally?

P.S. “I love you” is “I love you to make you happy” and not “I love you to make me happy”;

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Short answer first:
Spiritualists are way beyond self and hence self respect. This doesn’t mean that they don’t respect themselves. On the contrary, they highly do. The only difference is, they don’t do it the way regular people are seen doing it. Regular people like you and me are always hurt by certain actions of others especially loved ones. We get offended for the most part & take those actions personally. We then tell ourselves that no self respecting person will fall for this twice and hence do whatever is needed to protect ourselves from it happening again. This protection, the little firewall we build, is what we’d like to call self respect. I’m sure you recall this quote: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
Spiritualists on the other hand, are not hurt by other’s actions, they instead understand that those actions are rooted within the confusion in that person itself. We act emotionally out of control while in confusion, we react defensively in confusion, and all we are really trying to do is sort out this confusion. Unfortunately, while we’re trying to figure out ourselves, others get offended or may judge us.

Spiritualists do not judge people. According to them, a person is not bad, only the action or reaction is. It is a result of them sorting confusion in the best way they know how. They understand these people only behave irrationally out of ignorance of a better way. Lessons in life eventually mature people to evolve out of such ignorance and negativity transforming them into calm rational individuals. Everyone changes on their own time and spiritualists respect them and their present limitations; the eventual outcome is apparent. This understanding stems from the quality of unconditional love and acceptance. As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi,
“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

and now in detail…
Spiritualists were like you and me at some point in their past. However, today they have not only understood self, they have understood others and how the universe works. They focus on evolving everyone else in any which way possible (irrespective of time or action). If you think about it from a tainted point of view, Mahatma Gandhi and his non violent methods also lead to questions of self respect. In his time, we would think, ‘No self respecting man will let himself be humiliated like that’. A spiritualist instead says, ‘No self respecting man will do unto others as what he would not have done unto himself.’ It may takes years of getting humiliated before the oppressor realizes his act of oppression, hence the illusion of being humiliated did not go in vain. The humiliation is eventually seen in the oppressor through guilt and regret, which is a welcomed start to self evolution. One can attempt to see that the person causing you pain is only showing you your weak spots needing evolution; it’s never a personal attack; just an opportunity to learn within the bigger scheme of life. The point of this all is to learn what unconditional love really is.

~self empowerment~

Spiritualists have understood how to be self empowered. In a self empowerment workshop you can learn the reality that “no one can make you feel what you don’t want to without your permission” and when you feel pain towards an action performed by yourself or others, you are taught to rationalize and improve your emotional intelligence by either standing up to the adversary or gracefully absorbing the impact. When you realize that you can control the way you feel towards everything around you, you find yourself healing not only to your own self but even to others. Self Empowerment is the only start and solution to rational understanding of self and others.

~reincarnation principle in understanding self~

In a universe where we constantly re-incarnate to learn the lessons of life and self, the universe also gives materialistic power to those needing, wanting or obsessed by it. This is one positive answer towards understanding how some morally undeserving people climb ladders. The point of this universe is: Do what ever you need to do; take as much as time as you want to; we (universalists) are sure that you will evolve out of the confusion within your ego while you try to pursue true happiness. This behavior is clear in the pattern when we search for satisfaction in material, power, people etc. True satisfaction comes from understanding that material, power, people etc never contribute to happiness. Happiness comes through being in a state of absolutely no need and it comes from within. Incidentally, the only way we learn this is by trying to find happiness in material, people or power etc and each one of us has to go through the process of initiation spanning over lifetimes.


~What are the lessons that we need to learn over lifetimes?~

I would suggest a quick read on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with regular cross reference to the different levels in Chakras. I used this search to pull results. Maslow, a psychologist whose findings very closely matched the chakra system, independently found this pattern and abstracted it to all humans. In this physical universe, we have 7 levels of initiation before we completely understand happiness. It starts at the lowest level in Maslow’s needs to the highest level of transcendence. The path is fixed for all participants and the growth spans over multiple lifetimes. More on this in a later write up.


~is there a quick how to solution?~

No; pain through experience is inevitable, but you can learn, understand and find true inner self through a process of learning what unconditional love is. There is plenty of text out on the internet to help you learn what unconditional love is and how to do it. Just remember that we are all conditioned. We’ve been taught to judge people from the very start to protect self. Barely do we realize that some of these rules for self protection are nothing but a double edged sword. While we continue to explore ourselves, our limits and life in all, in the fear of being judged, we hide our true selves from each other and even from self. This is the same as lying, even worse, lying to yourself.

~if I hold back pain longer, does it make me stronger?`~

Everyone has a break point and you will break eventually. The trick is to dissolve the pain instead of pushing back. Your strength is determined by your ability to understand pain and grow out if faster than you previously did. Just like a dam over capacity, we all have limits; the faster we let the water out, the lesser the chances of dam damage. Let go and let live!

~in pursuit of happiness~

If you do not believe in destiny, then you do not believe that you want to be happy. Happiness is your destination if that is where you naturally head out to or not. No matter what you do, your intent is happiness for yourself or others. For the smart asses who wish to oppose this view by saying, “I want to remain unhappy”, it is interesting to note that being unhappy makes them happy. Happiness is inescapable and so I welcome you to the destination of destiny.

~how to live a karma free life?~`

Read this: http://www.healpastlives.com/future/rule/ruescape.htm

(as always, I will enhance this write up or remove what I find too preachy!)

Finding True Self

January 8, 2008

I was thrilled today when I bumped into this piece of advice. Here’s the entire conversation.
” How do you know when you are following your true self? In your book “Book of Secrets” you say that you shouldn’t allow yourself to feel doubt. That is much easier said than done. I feel that I am at a crossroads in my life. Spiritually, professionally, and personally. I feel restless, confused, and sad. I am searching for my true self and am not finding answers.

How does a person know they are on the right path?”

gypster, a member of the forum did an exemplary job replying to this question… here’s what he wrote!

Dear Beignet,
While I am not Dr. Chopra, I feel I am qualified enough to have something for you. Please read and take from it what you wish and leave the rest behind if it does not resonate with you.Your true self is that of absolute unconditional love. This is no easy task, as it takes practice, patience, forgiveness, discernment and diligence to form new thought patterns in the mind. But the road gets less bumpy as you go along, and the signs ever more familiar.You can begin by fostering grace, gratitude, poise and most of all FAITH in the FACT that most of what you see happening outside of you is really within you and a direct result of your thoughts and more so your -intentions-. When you see the world through this new, empowered vantage point, you will begin (hopefully) embracing the good things that happen as well as the bad. Yes, the bad, too. For these experiences give you something that’s not always seen in lieu of the circumstance itself. It is said that we achieve the greatest personal growth in our darkest times. So have faith in your progress, even now, no matter how sad or confused you may feel, because generally you get what you ask for in life. If you ask for answers, they miraculously come. If you ask for help, it comes too. But if you FOCUS on the situations that make you feel certain ways, and allow yourself to feel pity, look back with regret or look ahead with doubt you will most certainly create similar situations in your life ahead.Again, practice is the key. Discernment and attention to your inner dialogs (yes, dialogs!) is just one step in the process. Then comes a CHOICE. Once you’ve realized, “Hey, I’m thinking _____!”, you must then decide and discern whether or not this is the highest, the most unconditionally loving thought you can have at your current point in time. If it is, keep it. Now if it’s not, decide right then to think another way. Open yourself to the myriad of possibilities of ways to look at something and exhaust them, one by one, till you find one that is MOST RESONANT with Love.Many people are confused about unconditional love. And some people are afraid of it. Some think it’s boring or powerless. Let me tell you something, it is NONE of the above. Throw out your preconceived notions about unconditional love and think of the times in your life when you have FELT it. You have, I can guarantee it. Think of your mom, your dad, your puppy, your cat. Think of all the people or animals who love you no matter what. See past disappointment if there are momentary bouts. Disappointment is always temporary and is NOT the same as hate, fear, etc to the ones who love you unconditionally.

Now let these people/animals be mirrors to yourself. Observe yourself in them. Allow your memory to guide you, to serve you and reflect upon these experiences. The answers are there. Trust this, trust yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself.

This is something on a different definition than romantic or passionate love. You can feel these things, too, but NEVER confuse them. Unconditional Love is acceptance of all things and people in your life, regardless of their facade. People, adults especially, are often very difficult to love unconditionally. Often we are flared up and hurt, angered or saddened by their victim or saboteur archetype within. To accept them is to look past this (and not necessarily allow them to keep harming us) and see to the source of their actions, which is always FEAR-based. But stay your judgments. Watch those judgments. Observe how they make you feel. Do they resonate with Unconditional Love? Ask yourself over and over if necessary. Answers will come. The same goes for things and situations in your life, not only people. Always question what your judgments are doing to your feelings and then once you recognize them, make a choice right then to begin thinking in ways that are more towards Unconditional Love. Once judgment is removed from the picture, once can then begin to see the TRUE self and the RADIANCE of selfless Love.

Apply this to all things in your life. Omit judgment in it’s many forms from your thoughts. It starts with observance of the mind’s chatter, then with decisions. It’s a process, allow it’s flow and take one thing at a time. You are progressing as long as you are making these choices.

It’s ok to feel sad or feel loss at times. Just let yourself feel those feelings and let them pass without attaching to them. That’s very important. Don’t attach. Then, use the memory to reflect upon the experience. What can be learned? Was I loving unconditionally in that moment? Was I loving to myself? Was I being judgmental? Draw wisdom from every experience and you will do right for yourself always.

Most importantly, HAVE FAITH in your progress. I can’t say this enough.

Best wishes and much Love.

I am happy to discuss this further if you wish.

Thank you gypster.
Unconditional love is difficult…much more difficult than I realized. Especially giving yourself unconditional love.
Attaching is another difficult concept. Everything that happens around us feels personal. Like it is “about” us when often times it isn’t. I do have to learn to let go.
Thank you for your words. I will consider them carefully.
Dear Beignet,
Remove “difficult”, “have to”, “want to” and “going to” from your vocabulary. Instead, affirm that you ARE unconditionally loving already. That’s the fact. While you can’t take the drop of water out of the ocean and still call it the ocean, you can in fact see it is made up of the same “stuff” as the ocean, only in minuscule form. It is an inescapable fact that you are already everything that you wish to be including Unconditionally Loving.You can conceptualize driving to the store, or building a fence or whatever. But will conceptualizing actually GET you to the store or result in a fence being built? Absolutely not. It takes action, which is the application of knowledge. Once you KNOW the way to go to the store or how to build that fence, the next natural course of action is to drive there or build it. Otherwise nothing manifests into reality as a result of knowledge.Make a pact with yourself that you will not take things personally and that you are able to let go with ease. Write yourself notes, keep a copy of it on your person at all times. Keep all of your affirmations near you so that you can throughout the day take them out and read them silently or aloud. “Every time I take something personally or find myself acting unloving to myself or others I will take this list out and read it or at least remember each item on the list. I will remind myself of these affirmations every time I find myself mired in such ways.” Read the list several times a day, including in the morning and at night. I’ve taped stuff to my mirror so I am sure to see them. Most importantly, have gratitude for this process and for everything you have in your life. You truly are blessed.Love and Light.
Source: http://www.deepakchopra.com/forums/topic.php?id=21&page

Some clips are really powerful!

Kindness, a language we all understand. Even the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it!
– Mother T!

7 wonders of my world!

December 5, 2007

My 7 little angels and then this little movie!


Happy Viewing!