If you’ve read my previous writes on spiritual subjects such as black magic, holistic therapy, spirits & ghosts, but have always wondered about what role divinations like astrology or numerology play in it, this write should spell out some simple explanations.

~our planned universe~
With events in life always seeming random, there is a small chance you would believe that this universe is planned to even a single drop of rain at the highest karmic level. In our understanding of this (as spiritualists), there is no occasional coincidence or randomness. Everything is ordered and mathematically structured. Life, death, love, pain, glory or even spirit evolution in the afterlife is not a part of unplanned events. To me, this realization came through consciously observing patterns in a large number of coincidences / events that are usually overlooked. Turned believer from skeptic, I can now see how this universe is planned to evolve in a simple, structured and orderly fashion. There is no retrogress. If you accept this thought, then understanding the underlying concepts of divinations and the calculations within it gets simpler. Skeptics argue that this is wishful thinking and it is human nature to see patterns and hence anything can be strung together. I agree with them. Only based on repeated patterns do we derive consistency in valid explanations. The pattern of an apple falling has to continue to validate the theory of gravity. However, in a spiritual setup where your life is different from that of others, only you are capable of noticing patterns pertaining to your experiences. No two human lives follow the same experience path. They are all individualistic and how one derives its results will differ person to person. If its any consolation, this karmic path that you glide on was created by you prior to making your presence physical.
Other synonyms include synchronicity, destiny, life plan, life path or existential plan.
~concepts behind divinations~
In a mathematically planned setup, any particle that enters or exits the setup follows a mathematically planned path. To highlight this in a real world scenario, observe this; when a diamond is cut, it is done to allow light rays to follow a preset path. The outcome is the ability to glitter in brilliance. Even if the light ray enters the diamond at an angle, it will be guided within the diamond in a way that will bring out the same level of brilliance. These are deliberations of its creators for obvious reasons. The same concept applies for our universe; paths have been planned for the purpose of self evolution. This knowledge of a pre-planned universe forms the base to prepare abstracted data for all its participants and this data is used to elaborate the science of divination. Entering this physical universe as a light ray is the equivalent of being born. Choosing a date to be born is the equivalent of choosing your personal value or belief system. All dates, time and location of birth in a planned universe depict certain self evolutionary flaws that need to be overcome with age, experience and karma. This is similar to a Cartesian coordinate denoted by a point along the x and y axis; your birth date along with the latitude and longitude of your birth place determines the start coordinates of your life path and your initial personality traits. This information is a prerequisite in every form of astrology or numerology known.
~how were divinations developed?~
Just like any prediction made today by you or me, it is made on the basis of past observation. Consistency in observation of the same event with the same base participants lead us to believe that the event will occur exactly as it has many a times before. If all our lives we were to observe people more closely, identify consistent patterns, base them off certain fixed points, we would have created a science on those patterns. This science of patterns is how calculations and predictions in certain divinations originally came about. Some other forms of divinations involve interpreting through various objects but usually involves necromancy. Necromancy is the same concept in shamanism where you receive information for what you seek with guidance from members of the spirit world, usually spirit guides. These forms of divinations are usually more accurate and specific and is absolutely derived without any form of calculation.
~how is divination used to assist spiritual self evolution?~
Read this link as well. Divinations are recommended for karmic guidance. Using it serves the same purpose as using maps. It contains advice on how to reach a preset target of happiness. As we live and evolve through our thoughts and actions in personal and business endeavors, we make decisions with the hope of success. Sometimes, we’re at crossroads where obvious choices are not clear anymore and seek further guidance; or we need reassurance about the choices we have already made. The knowledge found in the data banks of divination assist in these goals. Collected and cataloged accurately over a period of thousands of years, the wheel need not be reinvented but just interpreted correctly. However, sometimes answers are fuzzy and obvious forms of divination do not assist in securing self assurance; these moments are best understood via past life regressions or trusted psychics. Most media based divinations are abstracted for a larger audience and always will seem too general to believe. Personal forecasts are closer to the real thing but I usually recommend against high levels of dependence on divination. Based on personal experience, after using numerology, I-Ching and coins, I have realized that in my personal karmic path, I had to eventually learn to depend on my instinct, my own thoughts, my own assessments and intuition to steer on my karmic path. I turn to divinations only when I am honestly out of ideas.
~stock markets & divination~
Try it. I can guarantee you’ll see interesting results. It’s like buying a car to cross an ocean or a ship to sail the desert. They both travel distances only when used appropriately. Divinations are used for spiritual self evolution, not fueling greed. Results through divinations will not necessarily give you what you want, but will guide you on what has already been planned for you by you. As the Dalai Lama put it, ‘sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck’. All forms of unethical use is definitely discouraged through divinations. No pain, no gain.
~What’s the point if I can’t make money using results of divination?~
In this spiritual setup, money and material is an optional byproduct of successful self evolution. Wealth is not a primary driving force but a result. However, as the story goes, human greed makes money our primary goal. We tend to lose site that the primary goal is happiness and when one is truly happy, one doesn’t need money or material; one doesn’t ‘need’ at all, all one does is give away both time or money to those who are truly in sincere need.
~trusting sources for divination~
For the most part, I will encourage you to use pre-existing downloadable software that may come at a premium. Good life changing information does come at a price; a price of valuing someone’s hard work. I personally use Decoz.com for self assessed Numerology and sometimes glance at astrology readings on Yahoo.com or MSN.com. I use I-Ching software from this site called MysticBoard.com. If you are new to this, try to use multiple free sources for a few months before committing to any form of payment. Time and analysis always help make good choices. If you are in a desperate situation looking for help, it’s clear that you are vulnerable to make mistakes. I suggest to only use trusted sources at this point. Like any market, this market is also a buyer’s beware. The simple rule of thumb is that good people do good business and they believe that its not just about making money but helping people. This concept applies in any field of work, even divinations. If someone isn’t humble enough and promises a lot, the chances they will deliver is equally less. My wife performs psychic readings for free but only to those who she sees truly at the point of sincere need.


(this piece of work will be enhanced as thoughts and ideas manifest)