If you’ve read my previous writes on spiritual subjects such as black magic, holistic therapy, spirits & ghosts, but have always wondered about what role divinations like astrology or numerology play in it, this write should spell out some simple explanations.

~our planned universe~
With events in life always seeming random, there is a small chance you would believe that this universe is planned to even a single drop of rain at the highest karmic level. In our understanding of this (as spiritualists), there is no occasional coincidence or randomness. Everything is ordered and mathematically structured. Life, death, love, pain, glory or even spirit evolution in the afterlife is not a part of unplanned events. To me, this realization came through consciously observing patterns in a large number of coincidences / events that are usually overlooked. Turned believer from skeptic, I can now see how this universe is planned to evolve in a simple, structured and orderly fashion. There is no retrogress. If you accept this thought, then understanding the underlying concepts of divinations and the calculations within it gets simpler. Skeptics argue that this is wishful thinking and it is human nature to see patterns and hence anything can be strung together. I agree with them. Only based on repeated patterns do we derive consistency in valid explanations. The pattern of an apple falling has to continue to validate the theory of gravity. However, in a spiritual setup where your life is different from that of others, only you are capable of noticing patterns pertaining to your experiences. No two human lives follow the same experience path. They are all individualistic and how one derives its results will differ person to person. If its any consolation, this karmic path that you glide on was created by you prior to making your presence physical.
Other synonyms include synchronicity, destiny, life plan, life path or existential plan.
~concepts behind divinations~
In a mathematically planned setup, any particle that enters or exits the setup follows a mathematically planned path. To highlight this in a real world scenario, observe this; when a diamond is cut, it is done to allow light rays to follow a preset path. The outcome is the ability to glitter in brilliance. Even if the light ray enters the diamond at an angle, it will be guided within the diamond in a way that will bring out the same level of brilliance. These are deliberations of its creators for obvious reasons. The same concept applies for our universe; paths have been planned for the purpose of self evolution. This knowledge of a pre-planned universe forms the base to prepare abstracted data for all its participants and this data is used to elaborate the science of divination. Entering this physical universe as a light ray is the equivalent of being born. Choosing a date to be born is the equivalent of choosing your personal value or belief system. All dates, time and location of birth in a planned universe depict certain self evolutionary flaws that need to be overcome with age, experience and karma. This is similar to a Cartesian coordinate denoted by a point along the x and y axis; your birth date along with the latitude and longitude of your birth place determines the start coordinates of your life path and your initial personality traits. This information is a prerequisite in every form of astrology or numerology known.
~how were divinations developed?~
Just like any prediction made today by you or me, it is made on the basis of past observation. Consistency in observation of the same event with the same base participants lead us to believe that the event will occur exactly as it has many a times before. If all our lives we were to observe people more closely, identify consistent patterns, base them off certain fixed points, we would have created a science on those patterns. This science of patterns is how calculations and predictions in certain divinations originally came about. Some other forms of divinations involve interpreting through various objects but usually involves necromancy. Necromancy is the same concept in shamanism where you receive information for what you seek with guidance from members of the spirit world, usually spirit guides. These forms of divinations are usually more accurate and specific and is absolutely derived without any form of calculation.
~how is divination used to assist spiritual self evolution?~
Read this link as well. Divinations are recommended for karmic guidance. Using it serves the same purpose as using maps. It contains advice on how to reach a preset target of happiness. As we live and evolve through our thoughts and actions in personal and business endeavors, we make decisions with the hope of success. Sometimes, we’re at crossroads where obvious choices are not clear anymore and seek further guidance; or we need reassurance about the choices we have already made. The knowledge found in the data banks of divination assist in these goals. Collected and cataloged accurately over a period of thousands of years, the wheel need not be reinvented but just interpreted correctly. However, sometimes answers are fuzzy and obvious forms of divination do not assist in securing self assurance; these moments are best understood via past life regressions or trusted psychics. Most media based divinations are abstracted for a larger audience and always will seem too general to believe. Personal forecasts are closer to the real thing but I usually recommend against high levels of dependence on divination. Based on personal experience, after using numerology, I-Ching and coins, I have realized that in my personal karmic path, I had to eventually learn to depend on my instinct, my own thoughts, my own assessments and intuition to steer on my karmic path. I turn to divinations only when I am honestly out of ideas.
~stock markets & divination~
Try it. I can guarantee you’ll see interesting results. It’s like buying a car to cross an ocean or a ship to sail the desert. They both travel distances only when used appropriately. Divinations are used for spiritual self evolution, not fueling greed. Results through divinations will not necessarily give you what you want, but will guide you on what has already been planned for you by you. As the Dalai Lama put it, ‘sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck’. All forms of unethical use is definitely discouraged through divinations. No pain, no gain.
~What’s the point if I can’t make money using results of divination?~
In this spiritual setup, money and material is an optional byproduct of successful self evolution. Wealth is not a primary driving force but a result. However, as the story goes, human greed makes money our primary goal. We tend to lose site that the primary goal is happiness and when one is truly happy, one doesn’t need money or material; one doesn’t ‘need’ at all, all one does is give away both time or money to those who are truly in sincere need.
~trusting sources for divination~
For the most part, I will encourage you to use pre-existing downloadable software that may come at a premium. Good life changing information does come at a price; a price of valuing someone’s hard work. I personally use Decoz.com for self assessed Numerology and sometimes glance at astrology readings on Yahoo.com or MSN.com. I use I-Ching software from this site called MysticBoard.com. If you are new to this, try to use multiple free sources for a few months before committing to any form of payment. Time and analysis always help make good choices. If you are in a desperate situation looking for help, it’s clear that you are vulnerable to make mistakes. I suggest to only use trusted sources at this point. Like any market, this market is also a buyer’s beware. The simple rule of thumb is that good people do good business and they believe that its not just about making money but helping people. This concept applies in any field of work, even divinations. If someone isn’t humble enough and promises a lot, the chances they will deliver is equally less. My wife performs psychic readings for free but only to those who she sees truly at the point of sincere need.


(this piece of work will be enhanced as thoughts and ideas manifest)


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In my last post, I classified different forms of alternative therapy into two main categories. While you familiarize yourself with information on these subjects, its always great to understand it at its core without spending too much time. In the early stages of spiritual learning, we usually delve into many practices associated with ancient ritualistic or Shamanic beliefs. A lot many claim the powers of gemstones, sun catchers, smudging with dried sage, etc, due to their ancient spiritual connect. Even though these concepts diminished in the past, it has now regained its spot in the holistic market place. There is a good reason for why they believe it works.

~’they believe’~
Belief is the only ingredient common in all therapies. If you believe that it will work, it will. However, over time, it makes sense to believe in the ultimate life force; the consciousness behind any therapeutic belief: ‘Yourself’; i.e. your true inner self. Some holistic healers may deny this but the secret really is that these therapies only work when ‘you’ believe it.

~reality check on different forms of therapy~
As you make your way through understanding holistic forms of therapy from various people and sources, it will be like walking into an auto mall. Every car is the best car and every car salesman wants you to have it. Like always, what matters is how you feel when you drive it. The only way to know this is to either try them all or stick with what resonates with yourself and your daily life style. If you like music, then its easy to point out that sound therapy will work well for you. All these forms of alternative therapy concentrate on healing using the non physical energy system – your emotions.

~synopsis of each therapy~
(in alphabetical order – use CTRL-F to quickly find topics)
In the last post I classified the different forms of therapy. Here is a quick run down with its core essence laid out.
Thumb Rule:
a. Anything that helps de-stress and soothe the mind is considered therapeutic.
b. There is a fine line between therapeutic use and addiction. Addiction issues when recognized can be resolved using these forms of therapy as well.

Same as Chakra Therapy in a nutshell. Its also known as Harmonics Energy Balance. Therapists use a concepts in Chakra therapy to heal. The basic principles are the same but with a different name. Read on Chakra Therapy in this post.

In the first part I mentioned that our astral / emotional body is attached to our physical body at various points along its length. These points have various names as chakras, pressure points, vortexes, psychic centers, meridians, energy centers, etc. Acupressure is associated with applying physical pressure to these points and transferring emotional energy, chi or prana through fingers unblocking the blocked chakra. Hands are considered healing agents in every form of physical contact therapy. Pressure points are gateways that channel healing energies to the main chakras. You would need to understand the concept of chakras before this entirely makes sense. Try this link healing.about.com for some basic clarity on chakras.

This is very similar to acupressure; the only difference being the use of pricks via pins or needles at the same points. This is also called Meridian Healing. Medicine.net has a great FAQ on this subject.

Its the therapy where the use of scents from essential oils are used to heal certain common ailments. This educational site offers some great information on some more basics and is worth a quick glance.

Astral Projection:
Healing through Astral Projection or Astral Travel usually works by just understanding the experience of the non physical universe. The other term for it is ‘Out of body experience’ or soul travel. This is the phenomenon of your soul or mind leaving your body. Some use Astral Projection to perform a Past Life Memory investigation which can be very healing. It helps to understand how one may suffer certain trying disorders in spite of medication. For the most part, it helps with building confidence in the greater purpose of life and karma.

Auric Healing (Aura Healing):
Auras are created by the energies from each chakra. The strength of an aura reflects the emotional IQ of the person. Better the Aura, better the E-IQ. The basic principles for healing are the same as Chakra Therapy. Read on Chakra Therapy in this post.

Chakra Therapy (Chakra Balancing):
If you have read about chakras from part 1 of this post, you would understand that the mental or astral body has 7 chakras along the length of a person’s physical body. Each of these 7 points are associated with emotional and physiological illness that represents a physical organ or gland. Before a physical illness appears, an emotional illness is considered to be the cause of the fall in bodily defenses. Chakra therapy is the foundation of every other therapy. Further information can be found from the combination of both these sites Astral Mate & The School of Tantra. On a another note, there is a correlation between Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and The Chakra System (highlighted by Norwick Gray).

Cognitive Therapy:
Also called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the focal point is tuning emotions and hence the outcome of thoughts. The targeted outcome is to change the way we think. Most therapists use this method to help clients empower themselves to solve their emotional issues. It goes by many names: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Rational Behavior Therapy, Rational Living Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Dialectic Behavior Therapy. The National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists have a quick read on this subject. This form of therapy does not specifically aim at resolving physical illness.

Color Therapy:
The same as chakra therapy but using colors to heal. Certain colors tend to magnify certain emotions or the lack of it. By understanding the need for certain colors you understand personal issues that one faces and its physical consequence. Gemstones therapy is a subset of color therapy and color therapy is a subset of chakra therapy. For example, if your favorite color is blue, it indicates that you might have issues speaking up or being open and frank with people. Here’s a link to a chart in Chakra Therapy; each color representing physical ailments and emotional symptoms. Please refer to Chakra Therapy in this post for additional info.

Crystal Healing:
Read on Gemstone Therapy in this post.

Energy Balancing:
Read up on Chakra Therapy. Its the same base concept.

Please read up on Spirit Releasement Therapy in this post.

Expressive Therapy:
A form of therapy that is targeted to clear blockages in the 5th or throat chakra. The 5th chakra represents innermost creative expression. Expression can occur in any creative form; through writing, dance, vocals, music, painting, craft, sculpting, architecting, etc. The Wikipedia has great examples on this subject.

Food Therapy:
A process using healing properties of various natural foods to cure ailments. I dug out this site (natali.co.uk) that has an illness to food matches.

Gemstone Therapy:
The concept of gemstone therapy arises from the theory of color therapy. Color therapy in turn associates its roots from Chakra therapy. This article clearly describes the roots of Gemstone Therapy. However, these forms of therapy creates dependencies on external objects; its best to resolve emotional issues associated with each unbalanced chakra to completely balance self.

Gestalt Therapy:
The concepts in Gestalt Therapy served to evolve into NLP. See NLP in this post. More history here @ wikipedia.

Guided Imagery
Have you heard of a therapist who asks you to imagine lying on a beach.  And from there on, he or she tells you to imagine a further sequence of steps as narrated by him/her? This is guided imagery.   Visualizations that use the imagination to heal both mind and body. It boils down to restoring balance in every chakra using the third eye or 6th chakra (ajna). Since the obvious form of modality here is using the mind to heal, it brings focus to Chakra therapy as the base foundation for identifying symptoms, emotional causes and implementing fixes. Eupsychia has some good information on definitions and how-to.

Harmonics Energy Balancing:
Read up on Chakra Therapy. Its the same base concept.

Hecatean Projection
A type of astral projection where one gets projected into a negative emotional area made of fear, hate, jealousy, anger and other remaining deadly sins. It is definitely not therapeutic. Read up on astral projection for more information on how projections can be therapeutic.

Energy Healing with Chi, Ruah, Prana:
Chi, Ruah or Prana refer to the same energy: ’emotions’. Since Chakra therapy is about healing using emotions, please refer to chakra therapy for details.

Herbal Therapy:
The use of twigs, leaves, flowers or the entire plant to create healing teas, soups, powders or just skin patches. Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine from India and Herbology in witchcraft are such forms of herbal therapy. Herb to disease matching can be found here (herbsandcures.com).

Just like the other forms of therapy, this form of therapy is targeted at the same emotional energy system in the body. The National Center for Complimentary Medicine has explained this concept pretty well. Homeopaths use the concept of ‘like attracts like’, which is the ‘Law of Attraction’.

Using hypnosis to heal mental and physical conditions. While most sites explain it as using alternate states of your consciousness to heal, these consciousness could be your own, or your Higher Self (spirit guides / guardian angels), or vampiric consciousness that linger from a previous incarnation. New age movements see this as your past consciousness (egos) or other vampiric consciousness creating blockages against self healing. By engaging these consciousnesses and walking through causations of their own emotional blockages, the emotional block in the client clears. As per chakra therapy, these forms of emotional blockages cause physical illnesses; and by clearing these, physical balance is eventually restored.

Landscape Therapy:
Watching natural serenity in pictures, photo slides or in person can have a very soothing effect on your mind. A combination of the sounds of nature, its panaromic views and the natural smell of the earth does relax one’s mind. This is achieved through slide shows as well. That’s all that this form of therapy is – a relaxation technique engaging the visual senses through color combinations and visualizations.

Light Body Activation:
Same as Chakra Therapy in a nutshell. For more details on how this therapy is practiced, read up on an article by Laughing Life coach and Merkaba.

Massage Therapy:
Any form of physical contact therapy aimed at relaxation through overall body massage falls under this category. The names & techniques are aplenty. A consolidated list can be obtained here at Wikipedia.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming):
Mostly used in Professional and Self success management, this self empowerment technique is a very high level and neutral form of therapy used to perform self analysis and self rectification. This is best for skeptics who do not wish to engage in understanding spiritual therapy as the core of every alternative therapy. This form of therapy is not designed to heal physical illnesses either. The best source for NLP info is NLP.com. However, if you have faced a road block after using NLP, I suggest investigating the spiritual aspects that form the core of this training.

Past Life Regression Healing (PLR):
This is hypnosis on ‘steroids’ (without the use of any steroids of course). If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the concepts of hypnotherapy in this post, please do before moving forward. PLR is consciously knowing that you have lived in previous lives hence using hypnosis or trance to go back into those lifetimes. The healing effect comes into play when one understands his or her karmic debts from a past life. Past life negative karma’s can cause emotional blockages in any or many of the 7 chakras. By understanding and overcoming these emotional blockages, one can heal the physical and mental self. A clear and simple read can be found here. The site HealPastlives.com is considered to be one of the best sites detailing Past Life Regression Healing.

Pranic Healing:
Read up on Chakra Therapy. Its the same base concept.

Physical Fitness Form of Therapy:
A therapy involving Endorphin release through cardiovascular exercises. It may be assisted with weight training. I personally use the site exrx.net to learn and plan my routine.

This falls under Massage / Touch therapy and attempts chakra balancing by applying pressure only at end points – hands, feet or ears. Wikipedia hosts a great article on this subject.

Shamanic Healing (Shamans):
Healing through the knowledge of the village medicine men or tribal witch doctors. They use a variety of healing methods that include herbal therapy, soul retrieval (past life regression healing), gemstone therapy (color therapy using gemstones), exorcism (using hypnotherapy) and spirit assistance (assisting consciousness in the afterlife). In the true meaning of the word ‘shamans’, alternative therapists are shamans as well. Its just a broad term encompassing various forms of therapy.

Sound Therapy (Mantra Therapy):
This form of therapy is closely tied to Chakra Therapy where the 7 musical notes (or mantras or chanting) assist in healing various ailments. Try this site (elivia.com) for detailed information and downloadable music notes. On another note, any sound or music that puts your mind at ease comes under this form of therapy. Most musical tunes have all 7 notes. You don’t really need to buy any expensive relaxation CD that claims wonders. Other forms of sound therapy are listed here (biowaves.com). It also include binaural beats from Monroe’s Institute of Hemisync Research.

Soul Retrieval:
It is healing using Past Life Regression. Please read on PLR in this post. A great note on soul retrieval by another author can be found here.

Spirit Releasement Therapy (Spirit Intrusion):
Also known as exorcism, this therapy involves identifying spirit consciousnesses that affect your current life. Known mental illnesses associated with these are schizophrenia, personality or identity disorders. The intruding spirits are identified and confronted through hypnotherapy aided with concepts in past life regression. Shamanic healers or past life regressionists are known for healing this. I’ve had fairly good success with the help of psychics as well; although the information was a bit obscure and left for interpretation. With two schizophrenics in my family, I took my wife’s psychic help to identify the intruding spirits causing them pain.
The spirits that linger around are dissatisfied emotional remains of physical people from your previous lives or in some extreme cases ‘wandering spirits’ that may not be related directly to you. Wandering spirits are easier to release and this can be termed as spirit assistance ( I wrote about spirit assistance in one of my posts here.) However, releasing spirits from your past lives require a little more work; work mostly on your part. These spirits are normally upset with you for a reason unknown to you in this lifetime; past life regression gives great insight on this reason. In most cases, these spirits are past life egos of your own consciousness itself; i.e. unsatisfied version(s) of your previous life. Schizophrenics are one example of this. Their unsatisfied spirit of a previous life constantly intrude and try to quickly resolve what has remained as unfinished business before they had physically died then. In all cases they use negative ways to achieve this; these include hate, anger, pride, self denial, greed, jealousy or any form of an insecure belief. Then there are those affected with personality disorders like MPD or DID. These folks are usually involuntary spirit mediums who host other consciousness in their physical body without control or knowledge. The only way to release these spirits in these cases requires complete the karmic debt payback. The time frame can be as long as paying back house loan payments. Hang in there and seek help from past life regression hypnotherapists on what you may have done in your last life to undergo this pain.

Talk Therapy:
It is just talking about your emotional issues. Please read up on Cognitive Therapy in this post. The definitions vary at various sites but if you look at all of it closely, you will find the commonality.

Taste Therapy:
Therapy through taste has not yet been researched to a great extent. As stated, there are 6 tastes: sweet, bitter, sour, astringent, spicy hot & salty; this page talks about taste therapy and its association with healing.

Tantric Sex:
Sex in general is the most commonly played sport among humans. I hope we all agree that in the mammal world alone, it is the common form of ‘physical’ evolution (excluding artificial means). Fortunately, sex assists in mental evolution as well. Tantric sex is exactly what this is all about; mental / spiritual evolution through sex (i.e. maturity through sex). During a tantric orgasm, emotional energy or chi / prana flows up your spine inducing a fulfilling effect; which is why some have chills right after or during orgasms. As the chi rises, it clears blockages in all chakras having a healing effect. It is a self transforming process with the aim to finally achieve the art of making love in its purest form. The sole intent evolves into pleasing the other by attending to their every sexual and emotional desire. At every age, tantric sex heals, vitalizes and rejuvenates mind and body. Discovery Health has a good 5 page article on techniques and effects. I highly recommend this read.

Therapeutic Imagery:
Same a Guided Imagery listed in this post.

Touch Therapy:
This is the same as Massage Therapy listed in this post.

Its the same as Guided Imagery listed on this post.

Yoga (Hatha Yoga exercise):
The ancient Indian forms of physical exercise with poses targeted to heal specific illnesses. This site
(Truthstar.com/yoga) has some great information on specific exercises/poses to heal specific physical problems.

~Final Note~
The only road to the ultimate higher purpose and potential is to understand how you are associated with Unconditional Love; the ultimate nirvana. Here’s one instance on how to practice Unconditional Love. All forms of alternative therapy assist in sustaining self at peak performance while attempting to attain this new height.

Enjoy your journey!

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In 2006, I wanted to know all about these methods of spiritual healing. I didn’t know where to start and even though every text I read was helpful, I was a bit confused with the mass amounts of information on this subject. Over the past year, I put the pieces together and found out that a lot many of these have the same meaning. I finally realized that just like we have many cultures in many countries, we have many words for the same concepts. I will try to make sure that this read clarifies terms while you embark on your spiritual journey.

~a quick note on Skeptics & Quackery~
Skeptics call these methods “quackery”; they haven’t understood it in its entirety and insist proving spiritual existence using physical means. Laws of Physics are clear, we cannot physically touch an apple we create in our mind; but; we have a mind. Spiritual healing uses the mind and involves understanding it and its emotional properties. Its healing the mind first to eventually heal the body.
~What is Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, Ruah, good astral energy, positive etheric energy, auric energy, paranormal ectoplasm, positive psychic energy, life force, positive thought force or White Magic?~
These are all synonyms for the same non physical energy commonly known as positive emotions: i.e. love in the form of compassion, generosity, humility, empathy, kindness and patience; love with absolutely no expectations, no boundaries and no preset limit. There may be more synonyms that I may have missed but its pretty much the same thing. These energies are generated by the soul or what we know of as a “happy satisfied mind”. Spirit Guardians, Spirit healers or Guardian Angels are one such example of non physical sources. When we perform healing, we are basically transferring all our positive energies onto our target person using thoughts of emotions mentioned above. These emotions have an effect on the target consciousness (i.e. person) by way of relief, mental peace, restoration of emotional balance and harmony. There are plenty of sites on-line that can help with ‘how to’ on performing it. Techniques on various sites will vary just as french fries at different fast foods. What matters is what works best for you.
What are dark energy, energy vampires, emotional baggages,
psychic vampires, telepathic draining? – a sympathetic view
Apart from the fact that these are all synonyms, this negative energy is sourced within less evolved minds who constantly remain dissatisfied. They can be physical people or dissatisfied ghosts (or disembodied spirits). They seek stability & satisfaction from emotionally unbalanced relationships or materialistic pleasures. Most barely realize the impact this dependency has on their own well being. A large part of the human population falls under this category. They have more of a vacuum effect with other’s energies without realizing it. If you are a target, you would have felt being drained mentally and physically around these people or in relationships having such emotional baggage. While they mean no harm consciously, they need to learn that positive energy comes from within self. They need to stop depending on outside sources for temporary happiness and focus on growing permanent inner strength.
A friend of mine constantly depended on me to help her out with certain chores. She wouldn’t say anything much but I would end up doing it for her while I was around her. It was obvious that she would think it; I would pick up the signal and being the good friend I was, I would do it. I avoid being around her too often only to let myself not be taken advantage of through psychic means.
Note that some folk’s karma is to convert negative minds into positive life forces either by helping them heal themselves or exactly the opposite. Helping is a tough task, every situation differs and requires decisions on instinct. Even a divorce in a draining relationship is sometimes ‘helping’. The universe is sometimes cruel only to be kind. Read more on this subject @ Dr Bruce Goldberg’s site or Oprah.
~What are Chakras? Is it related to acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga,
acupressure or meridian healing?~
The mind is 100% emotional (logic is also an emotion) and our minds come with a physical body, the physical body and mind (also called the astral body) are attached at various points along its length. There are 7 major points of attachment known as chakras (wheels in sanskrit), while the rest are minor points or mini chakras. In acupuncture/acupressure, these are known as pressure points or meridians. We know these exist because we feel pain or tingling sensations at these points when aggravated. On a psychological forefront, these points represent various forms of emotional issues (personal insecurities). Ancient Indian, Chinese and Japanese research have stated that physiological problems and diseases are first sighted as emotional issues and visible in your Aura. If emotional issues remain unresolved, they manifest into the physical form in terms of illnesses. Just like us, even ghosts or spirits feel too. They suffer from the same types of emotional problems and seek the same level of healing or satisfaction as we do. Reiki healing is conceptually the same as a combination of Chakra therapy and Yoga. I’ve listed out some common denominations within this area of healing in the second part.
For details on Chakras, please refer to other sites like this one.
~What is Feng Shui and is it related to Vastu Shastra?~
Once again ancient Indian & Chinese research have found ways to maintain emotional & physical states of a person at optimal levels by planning or adjusting a living environment. These are classified under the art of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Its best not to read into these text too literally. It is meant to mean that there is more than one correct way of doing it once a base foundation is setup. Everyone is different and we all have our own preferences. One must plan one’s home layout paying the most attention to ‘feelings’ after budget issues are sorted out. Its the ‘Follow your heart and feel good about what you do’ concept. Some text in these books can be confusing. When they say that Chi or Prana should flow freely within your environment, this basically means that your environment must be setup in such a way that is very therapeutic and relaxing. Statements like ‘no sharp corners’ is not because it obstructs Chi in the way we think it, but because it causes bruises that affects mental peace, and that’s what they mean. It is vital that when you walk into your house you feel ‘home’; a place of endless tranquility and calmness. I’ve had the opportunity to witness my folks insist on literal meanings from these texts; only to cause a loss of Chi (love) through arguments on how to place a vase. I sincerely hope the intent of the task is not lost during the course of action. Furthermore, you can tell a person’s character by the expression in a house. It is noticeable in very subtle ways. The more pleasant the emotional experience, the more pleasant the person behind their veils. Like attracts like.
~Why does alternative therapy not work for everyone?
Is it related to my karma?~
The simple answer is Yes. Your spiritual healing can be started or accelerated by understanding and relieving your karmic debts. As per the law of attraction, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As you sow, so shall you reap; and karmic debts are your pending actions to heal others or self from the pain of your past actions. Karmic debts can be from a current life, past life or both. Bringing closures to them with actions of love will help close these chapters and move on to spiritual enlightenment and healing. To understand your karmic debts from past lives, I’d suggest past life regression therapy from a hypnotherapist.
~How do I understand ways in which
Alternative therapies are classified?~
There are so many terms out on this subject that it gets very confusing when you first dive in. This note will help ease that confusion a bit. I’ve classified and clubbed synonyms together.
Umbrella Terminology
The following terms are synonyms and include every form of therapy that do not use conventional medical methods (allopathy):
Alternative Healing, Alternative Medicine, Complimentary Medicine, Etheric Hygiene and Holistic Therapy
There are 2 types of Alternative therapies listed below. I’ve listed out popular ones.
Physical Level Therapy:
  • Therapy induced via physical means by third party:
    Acupressure, Acupuncture (or Meridian Healing), Homeopathy, Light Body Activation and Massage Therapy (or Touch Therapy), Reflexology & Tantric Sex (unforced sex)
  • Self Therapy for the 5 Physical Senses and physical body:
    Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Landscape Therapy, Taste Therapy, Aroma therapy, Physical Fitness Therapy, Herbal Therapy and Yoga
Emotional or Mental Level Therapy:
  • Therapy induced via third party person (friend, therapist, certified hypnotherapist, counselor or psychologist):
    Cognitive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Expressive therapy, Guided Imagery (Therapeutic Imagery or Visualization), Hypnotherapy, Past Life Healing (or Past Life Regression), Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Releasement Therapy (or Exorcism) & Talk Therapy
  • Therapy through Self Meditation:
    AcuEnergetics (or Chakra Balancing, Chakra Therapy, Energy Balancing, Harmonics Energy Balance or Aura/Auric Healing), Helionic Therapy (or Astral projection, Ethereal projection, OBE – out of body experience, Hecatean Projection Therapy), Pranic Healing (or Ruah Healing, Healing through Chi)
  • Therapeutic healing through object belief:
    Crystal Healing, Gemstone Healing
~What therapy should you use?~
For effective healing most use a mix and match of both physical level and mental level therapies. We have a mind and a body; it makes obvious sense to heal both simultaneously.
~What therapy do I use?~
I normally engage in Expressive Therapy (writing & hacking software), Talk Therapy (therapist & friends), Sound Therapy (music), Past Life Healing, Landscape therapy and Physical Fitness Therapy (gym, cycling, hiking & sports). This is inclusive of a healthy diet and eating habits (5 – 6 small meal portions a day).
~My quick note on Healing through external beliefs~
To believe in yourself is far more powerful than believing in external objects like crystals, gemstones, rocks or idols; but if it works for you, please continue.
Part II deals with details of underlying base foundations in every form of popular healing.

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Topics mostly covered are dark magic, black magic, nazar, voodoo, bad vibes, karma, choice and finally how to perform white magic. I’ve researched quite a bit on this subject and even though it’s been classified as a myth, there has been very little understanding of it among the masses. Skeptics can remain skeptics and reject it in denial but for those who have had experiences that they can’t deny, here’s a quick lo-down. Since this s a vast subject condensed into very little space; I’d recommend further reading.

~introduction ~
To make this an easy read, I’m going to simplify the concept of Black and White magic on the physical plane we call earth. I say this only because the Harry Potter type black and white magic does not occur here in the way we know it from media and books; but it does occur here in a different format. Sorry to burst your bubble but poking pins into voodoo dolls doesn’t really work the way you expect them to ;).

~magic in other worlds~
In this earthly dimension, the rules of physics are followed closely, and while there are people that believe there is no such thing similar to Magic, the only reason you may have come here is to understand how it really does occur. The most expected form of quick Harry Potter type magic occurs in parallel dimensions (other astral planes). These are universes and worlds parallel to ours and can only be visited in non physical ways. I know this sounds far fetched but so does your search for concepts on magic. These concepts of parallel universes can be experienced through courses in Vipassana or Out of Body Experiences – Astral Projection ( these are like basic driving lessons before you spin your first ferrari ).
The magic in this physical universe is a lot slower in terms of time but you have felt it and continue to feel it. Before we get into this, you must understand that most of us have ignored the mind to be a sensory tool and more so, the primary sense. The mind supersedes the 5 physical senses. No mind, no life, no sense, it is that simple. For those who are multi-sensory and have knowledge of the seven senses (5 physical + 2 emotional); its simpler to understand how black or white magic occurs.
We live in an “Emotional Universe” and that is the basic underlying foundation. Any form of magic starts with emotions and ends with it. To perform the best styles of magic, you need to understand emotions, especially self emotions.

~ the concept of magic ~
In simple language, black magic or white magic here occurs in what we call vibes or thoughts (thoughts are emotions wrapped in a humanly understood language). If you have a good thought or good belief about anyone including yourself, it indicates that you have cast a good vibe or a good spell. This is White Magic or the emotion of love. If you have a strong bad thought about someone, you have cast a bad vibe or a bad spell; this is what is known as black magic, nazar, voodoo or the emotion of hate. The power of your magic depends a lot on how well you are connected to the spiritual realm. If you are an astral projector you can effectively put negative (or positive) thoughts into your target victim under strict guidance from your guardians/spirit helpers. However, karma has a way of giving you back exactly what you intended to do to others. In other words, be aware of what you think, it will surely come back to haunt you at some point in your life if not immediately.
When it comes to sensing magic, there are some people who listen closely to their hunches about another person’s honesty or character when trusting them. It’s one of those feelings you can’t explain but you just go with it to be safe. Overtime their true  colors come out exactly as expected. If this applies to you, you have clearly sensed magic sent across to you as a hunch (aka black magic). It’s an indication that your psychic sense catches the thoughts they had about you. These kind of thoughts, beliefs, vibes, emotions, call it whatever you want,  defines the kind the word magic. Furthermore, on occasions you may have good feelings about certain people; you trust them even when you have no reason to. Having a great relationship with them over a period of time indicates the kind of magic they cast and your ability to sense it (aka white magic). It really boils down to the type of emotional energies shared in a relationship.

~the act of voodoo~
How do we perform black magic on someone else?
Most places on-line will suggest to perform some sort of rituals, candles, use of magic sounding incantations, collecting objects, etc and though I think its all cool and fun with costumes and stuff, it really doesn’t help much except make the mood. The bottom line is that you would need to meditate and concentrate on the feelings of hate, anger, pride or jealousy. Sometimes all you need is to gossip about the person you dislike. These thoughts are precisely what you would have been brewing with those rituals and incantations. On the other end, the person will start feeling depressed, have anxiety attacks, helpless and at some instances, suicidal. This lasts only as long as the victim doesn’t realize that he or she is being a target of a psychic attack. (need self defense? read further down this page.) For those who don’t intend to waste time trying to put together rituals to make such attacks, take the direct approach; just be a “bitch!”. Not just behind the back, but in person as well if you really want to take your victim down. “Think ‘bad’, think ‘horrid’, hate, be unforgiving; have hurtful thoughts.” You can do all this without the need of any lifeless objects or superstitious chants; its quite easy. However, if you “believe” that you need rituals and physical objects to cast a spell, then no matter what, that belief will work for you as well. Belief is everything. Even a broom can act as a magic wand if you believe it; but; truly believing in yourself without material or ritualistic use is the ultimate power. After you focus on being entirely negative in your mind towards your victim, you have successfully cast your spell. But for anything to be completely successful, firm practice is required; just like walking; we crawl in the start. Astral projection is another effective way to put bad thoughts into your victims head. Google that term if you don’t understand what it means. There is just one catch to this. Karma. You attract to yourself what you think. Those negative thoughts have a more drastic effect on you than it would have on others.

~voodoo v/s choice? Can voodoo affect me?~
self defense!
Based of improper study and due to lack of data it has always been believed that in this physical realm black magic can be performed on you or on someone else to the point where you or the victim suffers physically without self inflict. This is not true like the way you believe it. Psychic attacks appear as emotions that seem like its coming from yourself. But the only reason bad things happen to us have been due to our karma from present or past life taking effect.  On the other hand, if we are the target person of black magic, and if we are psychic enough to receive the hate vibe, we have a choice; a choice to mirror the same emotion and send it back or use alchemy for positive self defense. Alchemy of  this sort is rooted in empathy and forgiveness. Most positive people are forgiving, understanding and empathize with hateful people. They understand that hatefulness comes from lack of self esteem, lack of control in their own lives and poor understanding of self, true love and boundaries.

Lets suppose that I am attacked, this is what I’d be experiencing. I would feel upset, depressed, helpless, angry or just plain negative and that too for no clear reason. In some cases, I could even drive myself to suicide. But the best way to heal is to reason it out and is usually very difficult to do in that state of mind. In a book by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis called Self Empowerment, I learn that we all have a “choice”. No one can make me do or make you do what you don’t wish to. Even to feel fear is a choice.  It takes conscious efforts to know this and is self empowering especially during a psychic attack. If someone does control us emotionally, it is us who needs to learn to take back control of our emotional state. After all, its our choice to let others control us.

One example of how I got affected has been through vibes from an ex-girlfriend. After I backed out of that relationship, I could constantly feel emotions of depression, hate and regret for me. The emotions were so overpowering that I really needed help to heal all evening. The next morning I woke up to find myself loving my life the way it was and realized that the emotions the previous evening were not mine at all. I told myself that every time I felt depressed that way, I would reason out the source of this depression. I had no reason to be depressed but I did sense that the ex was depressed. These days, as good practice, I constantly remind myself that “I’m a happy person and I don’t like being depressed.”  I wonder where this depression comes from? I question everything. “Is it because I didn’t get something I want? Is it my work? Is it my family? Is it a friend or colleague at work that dislikes me?  Could it be a psychic attack? Could someone be gossiping ill about me? As I narrow my list of suspects, I tend to feel clarity.”
Hate and anger are the most toxic of all emotions. It signifies that we need love. If we stay without love, its effects are visible overtime. Some gain weight, get depressed, get angry, their skin ages faster and they remain in denial. Its when we spend time on feelings like these, will we notice that it slowly burns inside us; we remain in constant anxiety hoping the other person suffers. We waste our precious time being angry, hateful and counter productive. Clearly, the only ones suffering the most is us.
~black magic victim v/s karma~
Not too many understand people, in fact a lot many do not even understand themselves. We are connected to everyone in this universe and all we are doing is trading karma. A nasty event could be the result of an existing life karma or a past life karma and is just a part of your self evolution. We all have a karmic score card that carries points over till we’re worthy of what hindu’s call moksha or mukti from our own karm or deeds (achieving nirvana/zen). The Universe is sometimes cruel to be kind. Bad things occur only to teach lessons of life. It is meant to be a positive end and making this end positive is one’s obvious choice. The faster we learn the faster the problems go away.

~psychics at work~
Psychics on the other hand have privileges to tap in to the emotional/astral realm to gather data about people, past and present. They gather messages in the form of emotions/vibes during their meditation sessions and translate these to local languages. They are the best to assist in finding out sources of black magic or hate towards you, especially if you are really unaware and desperately need help. Due to the number of scams and con artists, pay proclaimed psychics only for a reading and nothing else. We, as regular people are psychics to a certain degree as well (pending practice and belief). When we get good or bad vibes, we are receiving non physical “emotional” messages from someone and this is another word for being psychic, telepathic or mind reading. It should not be mixed with precognition, which is having a hunch or knowing something about a future event.

~some practical situations (self help optional read)~
If you get blamed for something and you feel really horrid, its time you honestly talk to yourself. If everyone hates you or constantly point fingers at you, the only way you can defend yourself is to understand the intent behind what you did before things went wrong. Think for yourself and find out if you honestly had a good intent. If it was a good intent, you need not worry about how others think about you; it is what you think about yourself that matters. However, plenty of people also lie to themselves often to truly realize that their intent was really of malice, greed, jealousy, pride or other insecurities. This check is worth keeping in mind. If you are on the blaming side of things, the only reason you are blaming is because you do not understand or respect boundaries. It happens when you give someone a little power over you and you feel they misused it, hence mis-using you. Its important to gain back self control than letting yourself be misused. Do google ‘boundaries in relationships’ for information while dealing with intrusive control freaks.

Let’s play Harry Potter for a few minutes…
Just like in the world of Magickry, you need to point a wand to a target to get your spell working. In the physical realm we normally know this as pointing a finger, whether it is mentally or in person. Your thoughts define your Magic and just like spells in the magical realms, good thoughts is good Magic, bad thoughts are dark Magick!

~How to perform White Magic?~
Positive Thinking, fostering positive living, healing through Reiki and other forms of therapies all translate to White Magic! It is best to learn the art of the Patronus Charm, or what the enlightened on earth call “Finding True Self” or “Learning to Love Unconditionally”.
I have listed some links that can help transform yourself into a positive life force. I suggest reading these links, especially the first one. It has techniques on White Magic or Emotional Self Defense : ).
Credit goes to the authors!
Life Force and Positive Healing: http://www.learnmindpower.com/articles/life-force-part-iii/
Varied Information on Consciousness, Visualization, Meditation etc http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/earth-cry/part2/40.html

Happy Magickry!